Here are some things to ask yourself when considering adding a Second Photographer to your collection:

  • Prep Locations- if your wedding party is getting ready in separate locations (as in, different buildings or across town) and you would like detail shots and photographs of the prep time for both groups, you'll definitely want to add a 2nd Photographer.
  • Time Crunch- if you're worried about being rushed for time getting separate photos of the bridal party before the ceremony, a second photographer could be photographing the groom & groomsmen while the bride & bridemaids are simultaneously getting their group photos done.
  • Venue Size- Does your venue have a balcony or other interesting angles available? Or is the ceremony site situated in such a way that the photographer would have a hard time moving from the back to the front sides quickly? You might want to consider a 2nd.
  • Guest Count- if you are having a larger-than-average wedding (above 120-150 guests), having a second photographer would mean that more candid photos of the guests are able to be captured during the reception. Either way, be sure to communicate with your phographer how important (or not) this type of photo is to you.
  • Maximum Coverage- One of the key deciding factors might be the bride's entrance to the ceremony. My goal is always to get a photo of the groom's reaction as well as the photos of the bride and her father walking down the aisle, and I can do this successfully. But a second photographer could help cover those behind-the-scenes father & daughter moments before she steps into view, and well as the angle of the bride's train from the back as she walks down the aisle. Basically, if you want numerous extra photos of your wedding day, two photographers can cover two perspectives at the same time. While that is exciting for some, it can be overwhelming for others. So many photos to choose from!
  • Budget- based on several online statistics, the average bride spends 10-12% of their entire wedding budget on their wedding photography services. Based on your overall allocations and the price of your package, does a Second Photographer fit reasonably? If not, is it something you're willing to stretch your budget for?
  • Peace of Mind- While one experienced photographer can absolutely get the job done and cover your wedding day sufficiently, would your mind be more at ease in knowing their are two sets of eyes capturing the moments? Then it may be worth it. But don't stress- there is no right or wrong answer! If you don't see the need to hire a Second, then you don't have to. Just go with your gut!

About the Author

Nikki is an award-winning, published, certified professional photographer based in SE Michigan. She loves Jesus, traveling with her (hottie) husband and making memories with their 4 fun kiddos. Her weakness is European chocolates. Her passion is capturing the moments & details of your wedding day and delivering gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. Click here to learn more about Nikki's wedding photography services.

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